Our History

Our History

There used to be a sign on the road that read “Welcome to the Village of Malton ” however, over the years, Malton grew and so did its people. What started out as a small village of few Muslims, has blossomed into a town where the Muslim community thrives.

The arrival of the first Muslim family in the 70’s encouraged others to move here too. In those times, it truly was a village where everyone knew each other’s name and felt like family. Families and kids got together often in parks or rented the community centers to celebrate major events such as Eid. While we didn’t lack the heart, we did lack a space of our own!

With the growth of Malton’s Muslim Community, a regular prayer area was needed in addition to various community services. Jumuah and special prayers such as Eid, and Taraweeh had been permanently booked at the Community Centre, while other daily prayers took place at the Malton Musallah on Goreway Drive prior to the opening of our Masjid in June 2011. One can see from the numbers in the congregation just how many people used these facilities, and therefore, the necessity of our Masjid.

To service the needs of the children of the community, after-school Madresa was started and included a Hifz program. Children from the ages 5-16 also have the opportunity to join our Malton Youth Club that meets on every Saturdays to play various sports.

While a lot has been done, and the change from Village to town has occurred… there is still more work and growth for the future. We anticipate more programs, activities, classes, and increased involvement from all members of the Malton Muslim Community.

Inshallah, the construction of our Masjid will be the impetus for this new growth and renewal of our community!

Masjid Address: 7097 Airport Road, Mississauga, ON, L4T 2G7
Telephone: (905) 671-8777
Fax: (905) 671-9777

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