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Evening Madresa - Information Seminar

As-salamu Alaikum,

Dear parents/guardians,

Please be advised that an information seminar is being scheduled for the following sessions to better understand the curriculum and overall operation of the Madresa. The session is scheduled on Friday, October 6th, 2023 and there will not be any classes on this day.

Session 1:
General (Maktab) Class:
Time: 4:30pm - 5:30pm

Session 2:
Alim/Alimah Class:
Time: After Asr - Maghrib

Session 3:
Hifz Class:
Time: After Maghrib - 8:00pm

All information seminars will take place in the basement prayer hall. Separate arrangements for sisters have been made.

Malton Masjid

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Insha Allah, our Madrasah reopens for the Academic year 2023/2024 on Tuesday Aug-29-2023. Commencing this upcoming Tuesday Aug-29-2023, a new and eagerly anticipated chapter of learning and spiritual growth is set to unfold as the Madrasah opens its doors. This educational institution stands as a beacon of knowledge, offering a comprehensive platform for students to delve into the treasures of Islamic teachings and heritage. With a curriculum carefully curated to enrich minds and hearts, the Madrasah is poised to provide an environment that nurtures both intellectual curiosity and deep-rooted faith. Students, parents, and the entire community are invited to embrace this opportunity, as together we embark on a journey that holds the promise of enlightenment, personal development, and a stronger connection to our faith.

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